Sofa Gallery Hotel Cafe (Nong Khai, Thailand)

Sofa Gallery Cafe Nong KhaiTucked away behind an inconspicuous looking wall on the main road west out of Nong Khai, this quaint little cafe was a wonderful find!

The drinks were lovely – we had a strawberry yoghurt frappe that tasted like Petit Filous and green tea frappe that wasn’t too sweet, then tried a latte to see what the coffee was like. It smelt great and tasted like coffee back home. Strong but not overpowering, pleasant and balanced, hot, not just luke-warm AND proper milk! Yum!

Facilities wise, there were plenty of places to sit, free wifi and a decent toilet. It was nice and clean too. The staff were really friendly and there was a good selection of drinks to choose from, all priced reasonably.

The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable – a good place to hang out or get some work done. We loved the fact that Michael Buble was playing in the background too!

You can find the Sofa Gallery Hotel Cafe on Facebook and find it on Google Maps

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